Healthy Horizons

Healthy Horizons 

To meet the growing needs of our community, the leadership team has established Healthy Horizons as a focus of the organization. Everyone should possess the basic survival tools with which to sustain themselves. This multidisciplinary and holistic program is designed to incorporate all aspects of health in each of Horizons’ programs. The overarching theme encompasses various aspects of health and nutrition.

A healthy community, as described by Healthy People Report 2010, is one that continuously creates and improves both its physical and social environment, helping people to support one another in aspects of daily life and to develop to their fullest potential.

Existing Programs:

  • Community Based Programs
  • Community Health & Nutrition Programs
  • Mental Health & Wellness Services
  • Financial Wellness Center
  • Neighborhood Transportation Service

2015 Program Additions:

  • Fresh Conversations offers nutrition and physical health education at 4 congregate meal sites
  • Sharing Local Foods Program provides distribution of fresh local produce to clients at Horizons
  • Local Foods Days allows for use of local produce from regional growers for Meals on Wheels
  • Horizons’ Community Gardens located at various business locations and in partnership with Feed Iowa First
  • Raised Bed Garden located at Horizons’ main office
  • Lunch & Learn Programs to promote Healthy Horizons to various audiences at Horizons’ main office

2016 Goals & Opportunities:

  • Increase SNAP/WIC at Farmer’s Markets
  • Increase access to fresh fruits/vegetables through mobile food pantries/markets
  • Increase use of fresh, local foods in meal programs such as Meals on Wheels, Summer Meals programs, Head Start and Daycare programs, and meals for low-income/homeless residents
  • Increase connectedness of Urban Farm Network (growing and donating fresh food to organizations that serve low-income populations) to engage individuals in volunteerism
  • Offer cooking classes/healthy eating demonstrations targeting specific cultural practices and ethnic groups
  • Enhance nutrition education in schools through Farm-to-School programming