Financial Resolutions Can Become Financial Realities

Financial Resolutions Can Become Financial Realities

Dec 15, 2017

Financial Resolutions Can Become Financial Realities

As we approach this holiday season, many of us start to imagine how we will change in the year to come. We even set resolutions to become debt free, to save more and to gain financial freedom, but too often, that is where the story ends. This year, Financial Health and Wellness clients have accomplished big goals by setting their resolutions and then making a plan to achieve them. Their stories speak for themselves but the common theme throughout all of them is that they have gained a sense of pride and increased confidence in their financial well-being. Congratulations to everyone who has turned a financial resolution into a financial reality!

Became homeowners for the second time after recovering from setbacks. “I absolutely know if it weren't for this home buyers program and the counseling we've gotten at Horizons that we would not be in a position already to be buying another home. The financial advice we've learned through Horizons has been invaluable. We now manage our money, not wonder where it all goes. I will continue my relationship with our Counselor as long as I can. I feel it's created a sense of accountability and also pride, knowing that we have someone to give us sound advice and to tell us that the work we're putting in is benefiting the financial future for my husband, children and myself.” 

Debt will be paid off in 3 years instead of 5 by using a new debt repayment strategy. “My counselor helped me set up a debt management plan that will help me get out of debt a lot faster than if I would have done it on my own.  I also saved money doing it too!  Now that I know how much pay day loans take advantage and how fast credit card debt will pile up, I never plan on getting into debt again. I’m very thankful for Horizons and would be sunk without them.”

Became a first time homebuyer. My interactions with Horizons financial health and wellness changed my life. This program has empowered me with knowledge and support in financial wellbeing. Through this program I have gained the skills to take control of my finances. And I'm happy to say I closed on my first home August 3, 2017.

Created a budget for the first time and can now save and reduce debt. The biggest surprise was the change in how we thought and felt about money.  We have taken the emotion out of our relationship with money, so we make better choices. Don’t be afraid to make the call. It's not a sign of weakness to ask for help.  Our culture lacks in providing financial literacy education to young people, so our problems aren't so surprising.