Choose Help Over Avoidance

Choose Help Over Avoidance

Mar 12, 2017


When applying for student loans, you’re more likely to be focused on getting approved rather than on how you’ll actually repay the loans. After all, at that point, it seems like you’ll have plenty of time to figure things out.

Not being ready to address repayment isn’t unusual. Employment opportunities
may be different from what you expected. Unanticipated changes in your education
or family situation can occur or you may just have questions about which repayment option is best suited to your financial situation.

The good news is that you have options. Those repayment options can adjust to
your current financial situation, but this isn’t always apparent. The complexity of
sorting through numerous options can easily become overwhelming.

Knowing where, when and how to repay shouldn’t be such a challenge. At Horizons, our NFCC® Certified Student Loan Counselors serve as your advocate, intervening between you and your lenders to get you the fairest repayment plan possible in an amount that is affordable for you.

• Become aware of available solutions.
• Discuss and negotiate your situation with your loan providers.
• Arrange affordable monthly payments.
• Budget and plan for repayment.

Get started today by using our secure Student Loan Counseling Portal. You can also call 319.398.3943 to setup an appointment or email

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