What Is Horizons

A Family Service Alliance

Horizons, A Family Service Alliance is dedicated to providing opportunities for human development to improve the quality of individual and family lives. Horizons provides a variety of human services across East-Central Iowa including:

Our Mission

Instill hope, change lives, brighten futures by providing life changing services to under served populations.

Our Vision

Creating a promising future for the individuals and families we serve.

Help. Let’s face it; everyone needs help from time to time. Whether clients are facing a financial crisis or have experienced a difficult life situation, Horizons can help.

Hope. People often walk through our doors feeling like something is wrong, but they have hope that their life can become balanced again. Horizons provides that balance.

Horizons. We are committed to raising the standard of living for the underserved, and to increasing the quality of life for those in our community. Our services are designed to serve people of all ages and from all walks of life. We help people feeling stuck, anxious and overwhelmed know that they are not alone.

Our Values


We go above and beyond for each other at Horizons because we believe in one another. Treating each other with respect, providing support and giving trust. We come together to celebrate our accomplishments. We encourage the heart.


We work together toward common goals. We understand the value of collaboration in the workplace. We communicate and get involved at Horizons to help our community. With a sense of unity, reliability and flexibility to change, which supports an empowered way of working. We enable others to act.


We do what we say we will do, with an ownership mentality. Holding each other accountable by being clear with expectations and feedback. We build trust through accomplished goals.


We demonstrate sound moral and ethical principles in all that we do. We foster honesty, trust, and clear, frequent communication. We lead by example and model the way.


We seek to understand the ‘Why’. We challenge the process and strive to continuously grow. We are aware and share information to make good decisions. A team of lifelong learners that are committed to developing  leaders.


Seeking to understand the feelings of others. Showing kindness with respect. With a desire to help others. Horizons instills hope, change lives, and brighten futures of those we serve through the work we do.


Horizons encourages creativity and new ideas. We embrace diversity while recognizing and respecting others’ points of view. Pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone. We have a drive to learn.

Building Relationships

Horizons' employees build strong and diverse relationships with all of our Stakeholders and the community we serve. We communicate openly and honestly as we listen to understand. Horizons Inspires a shared Vision.