Therapy Descriptions

Child and Adolescent Therapy - Our therapists use a variety of approaches to help improve the ability to function better at home and school, geared toward the mental health needs of each child and adolescent. Whether your child (ages 4 and older) or adolescent is struggling with ADHD, depression or anxiety, loss and grief, adjusting to a life event such as parental separation and divorce or struggling in school, our therapists are equipped to help your child.

We use evidence-based approaches and work with parents, caregivers, and guardians to ensure the best outcome. Approaches include but are not limited to trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy, play therapy techniques, and interpersonal therapy.

Adult Therapy - Our therapists are trained to address the most common mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, as well as a multitude of other areas such as life adjustments, loss and grief, domestic violence, PTSD, OCD, trauma, co-occurring disorders, sexual identity issues, and emotional management. Our therapists represent a wealth of experience in providing therapy services to adults.

Family Therapy - Through our counseling services, we work with families to create more positive interactions and stronger relationships within the family. We have therapists trained in Marriage and Family Therapy discipline as well as therapists whose interest and focus is family therapy. The approaches that are used vary depending on the unique needs of each family.

Couples therapy - Couples therapy can provide intimate partners and married couples healthy ways to handle the ups and downs that are part of a relationship. Sometimes that means coping with life adjustments that come through experiences such as having a baby, career changes, managing extended families and losses. Other times help is needed to manage conflict, intimacy and communication problems in the relationship or couples who are considering the future of their relationship. Through our strengths-based approach, we help couples identify their goals and work with them to achieve the results they are seeking.

Premarital Counseling - For couples who are considering marriage, we offer three sessions of counseling that includes using FOCCUS, a premarital assessment that helps couples identify their strengths in the relationship. Premarital counseling can have a general or a spiritual focus, and can go beyond three sessions if the couple chooses.

Co-parenting - Our staff works with parents who have experienced a divorce and/or the ending of a relationship to help them continue to parent their children in healthy and positive ways. Our goal is to help the parents work together so that children do not get in the middle and can continue to have a strong relationship with both parents.