Financial Education

Online Classes

Are you eager to improve your financial stability but don't have time to meet with a counselor? We have a variety of classes offered online.

  • Cut Through The Confusion - evaluate your health insurance options and choose the best for your family and you. You will also learn how to handle your medical bills once they arrive.
  • Financially Frozen - move to financial stability with what you learn in this class
  • Money in Motion - learn how to set and reach your financial goals

Classes and Seminars


Classes and seminars offered by the Financial Health & Wellness Center will provide the tools and knowledge that will contribute to financial well-being for a lifetime.

Classes include:

  • Developing a Spending and Savings Plan 
  • Building a Better Credit Report
  • Credit: Handle with Care
  • Behind on Bills?

Contact us today if you would like to organize a presentation for your organization.