Financial Wellness Center

Raising Financial Stability in Our Community

Horizons has been providing financial services to Eastern Iowa since 1983. Our services include debt management, housing counseling, student loan counseling, and financial literacy programs. Horizons' goal is to improve the financial capability of those seeking services, as well as raise the level of financial stability in the community.

  • Annually helps clients repay over $1.5 million to their creditors
  • Improved the financial situation of more than 70% of clients through Financial Wellness Center services
  • Increased the financial knowledge of 95% of financial literacy program participants

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Connect with the Financial Wellness Center

Start Budget, Housing or Credit Counseling now by using the secure Online Counseling Portal

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Call: 319-398-3943 or 877-653-3123



  • Bankruptcy: Learn the skills and provide the tools to manage money effectively.
  • Consumer Education: A wide array of classes and seminars on money management are available to schools, employee and community groups and the general public.
  • Counseling: Our accredited counselors will help clients set goals, priorities, and a workable plan to meet them.
  • Buying a Home: Information and guidance to help clients purchase a home using the right choices.